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Dansk-Russisk Forening

100-års Jubilæumskonference Dansk-Russisk Forening

Dato og tid

Lørdag d. 27. april 2024 kl. 14:00 til 18:00


Torsdag d. 25. april 2024 kl. 16:00


Cabinn Scandinavia, Vodroffsvej 55, 1900 Frederiksberg Cabinn Scandinavia
Vodroffsvej 55
1900 Frederiksberg

100-års Jubilæumskonference Dansk-Russisk Forening



This conference is held at the centenary of the Danish-Russian Association. 
The Association was founded on 23rd April 1924 as
The National Association for
Cooperation between Denmark and the Soviet Union and has since 1991 been called
the Danish-Russian Association.
We have invited speakers who will talk about not only
the history of our association, but also the history of corresponding British and
Finnish associations. We also have invited a speaker from the Civil Society Forum,
who will talk about the work of their organisation.

The language of the conference is English.


14:00–14:10: Anne Hedeager Krag, Chairman of the Danish-Russian Society:

Introduction and welcome.


14:10–15:00: Karsten Fledelius, former Chairman of the Danish-Russian Association.

The history and activities of the Danish-Russian Association. 100 years of Relation between Denmark and Russia, the Relation Now and in the Future


15:00-15:10: Kim Frederichsen, former Vice-Chairman of the Danish-Russian Association.

Introduction to the Centenary Booklet: Background and Description


15:10–16.00: David Brummell CB, Chairman of the Great Britain-Russia Society.

The Society was founded originally in 1959 as the GB-USSR Association.

The history and activities of the Society as well as relations with Russia through the years and today. 

16:00–16.20: Coffee Break


16:20–17:10: Riku Savonen, Chairman of the Finland-Russia Society.

The Society was founded in 1944 as the Finland-Soviet Society.

The history, activities and current situation of the Finland-Russia Society.


17:10–17:50: Sergei Tereshenkov, Advocacy Lead, the Civil Society Forum is comprised of member organizations from Wider Europe with the goal of building civil society beyond borders across the entire continent. One of the Forum's roles is to keep contacts between civil societies in the EU member states and Russia.

The Role of the NGOs to keep the contacts between the Civil Societies in the EU-countries and Russia.

17:50-18:00: Anne Hedeager Krag: Conclusion and final remarks.


There will be time for questions after each speaker.

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Dansk-Russisk Forening
Tlf: +45 20929595

Kontaktinformation til arrangør

Dansk-Russisk Forening
Tlf: +45 20929595